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Below is a sample of more Refried Robots that have previously sold. Enjoy!

RR-257 8 Ball Racer
RR-265 The Gangster
RR-103 Good Times
RR-231 Two For One Other Side
RR-210 Lunar Rover
RR-274 Speedster
RR-272  Flyin' High
RR-224 Geared Up
RR-250 Biker Fan
RR-094 Mr Movie
RR-180 I am the Viewmaster
RR-226 How About a Hug
RR-225 One Red Shoe
RR-245 #10
RR-264 Ready to Race
RR-158 I've Got Your Number
RR-149 Mr Martian
RR-188 The Kernel
RR-097 I Am The Walrus
RR-196 Rock A Billy Bot
RR-216 Aladdin
RR-260 Picture Time
RR-233 Real Red Head
RR-173 She's Got Legs
RR-219 The Terminator
RR-157 A Robot and His Rocket
RR-200 Heater Meter
RR-198 Let's Mix Things Up
RR-227 Really Low Mileage
RR-137 Let's Roll
RR-185 Yes I Have Lost Weight
RR-207 Electrolux EV-1
RR-182 The Main Speaker
RR-212 Gumball Guru
RR-223 Lunch Boxer
RR-191 Snappy Dresser
RR-239 Born to Run
RR-197 Model J2
RR-199 Ace
RR-186 Let's Picnic
RR-085 Stay Tuned
RR-203 Photrix
RR-192 Quite Polite
RR-174 Runnin on Empty
RR-159 You Make Me Smile
RR-155 Snap to Attention
RR-130 I Know I've Got Allitagor Arms
RR-146 Napkin Please
RR-195 Lucky #7
RR-181 Radio Active
RR-169 Movie Time
RR-244 Let's Go
RR-228 Gr8 Skater
RR-126 Super Dude
RR-175 I Come In Peace
RR-124 Star Man
RR-129 Know When To Hold 'Em
RR-152 Got Snacks
RR-043 Shopping Fun
RR-183 Redbox
RR-165 I Need Color and a Cut
RR-158 I've Got Your Number
RR-115 I'm A Very Talented Speaker
RR-139 Light on My Feet
RR-140 Coffee is Key
RR-121 I Really Measure Up
RR-162 Don't Dwell On It
RR-107 Pencil Head
RR-235 Our Final Speaker
RR-127 Drive It Like Your Hair's On Fire
RR-095 Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
RR-071 Toothpick Anyone
RR-093 Spartus
RR-160 One Sharp Dude
RR-096 Hungry?
RR-156 Jet Man
RR-255 I'm Off
RR-247 She's A Winner
RR-211 Area 51 Patrol
RR-220 Showgirl
RR-259 Chieftan
RR-249 Royal Racer
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