The comment I hear most often while displaying the robot sculptures I create from vintage found objects is..."Wow, you have quite an imagination!" A close second are comments relating to the individual personalities of particular pieces and the memories generated by the unusual objects used to produce these curious creations. I receive immense gratification collecting unique items I find in antique shops, thrift stores, and yard sales. Items some might think of as junk, I value as treasured found objects to be used to create assemblage art, recycled robot sculptures. All creations are made using old unused items held together by reinforcing rods, nuts, bolts, and rivets. These art sculptures serve as great conversation starters and have resulted in thousands of enjoyable interactions with patrons of my work.  Seeing smiles on the faces of children, teens, young adults, parents, and even grandparents as they examine the individual elements of an art piece is heartfelt.

"Royal Racer"                                                                                           RR-249-20



"Let's Go!"                                                                                                        RR-244-19

 "Biker Fan"                                                                        RR-231-19



 "Tuned In"                 RR-237-19

 17" h x 10" w x 3" d



For the past few years, I have been very fortunate to show and sell the majority of my work at the VICKERS COLLECTION ART GALLERIES located in Aspen and Vail Colorado. For availability and pricing of sculptures located at the galleries, please click here:

To purchase direct from my  studio, select a robot sculputure from those displayed on this page and click "Buy Now". Price includes shipping within the U.S.

 "Good Mountain Climber"                        RR-122-17

 26" h x 15" w x 14" d                                          $1,950

RR-216-19.jpg upcycled art from old lunch box, reused candle stick holders, vintage thermos, recycld binoculars, repurposed shoe forms and kitchen items

 "Aladdin"                                                               RR-216-19 

 17" h x 25" w x 10" d                                                      $1,170

 "Four Eyes"                         RR-221-19 

 22" h x 12" w x 9" d                    $1,800 

"Health Nut"                               RR-214-19

32" h x 16" w x 10" d                          $1,675

 "52"                                                                                RR-190-17

 22" h x 18" w x 314 d                                                           $1,550

 "Can't Beat This"                                                        RR-231-19

 22" h x 20" w x 16" d                                                          $1,875

 "Electro"                                       RR-206-18

 20" h x 11" w x 5" d                              $1,800

 "I am the Viewmaster"               RR-180-17

 18" h x 12" w x 10" d                           $1,650

 "Westinghouse"                     RR-202-18

 20" h x 12" w x 9" d                         $1,550

"Got Change?"                                                    RR-245-19


 "Slippery Character"                                            RR-086-15

 20" h x 13" w x 9" d                                                        $1,250

RR-218-19.jpg Dog Robot from antique flashlight, repurposed opera glasses, reused electical conduit, recycled shoe forms

 "Focused Fido"                         RR-218-19

 18" h x 14" w x 9" d                            $1,150

"She's A Winner" 



 "Sax Fiend"                                RR-238-19

 24" h x 16" w x 12" d                     $1,950

 "Iceman"                                        RR-119-16

 23" h x 16" w x 10" d                            $1,450

 "Totally In Control"                     RR-101-16

 23" h x 13" w x 6" d                            $1,150

 "Under Pressure"                 RR-057-14

 32" h x 18" w x 15" d                      $1,100

 "ART"                                                 RR-213-19

 16" h x 14" w x 9" d                                  $1,800

 "Trying to Blend"                    RR-179-17

 22" h x 15" w x 10" d                      $1,550

RR-215-19.jpg Robot art from vintage photo lab timer, vintage Ansco Rediflex camera, repurpoed office staplers,

 "Redi When You Are"             RR-215-19

 20" h x 14" w x 9" d                        $1,950


"Gr8 Skater"                                  RR-228-19

 "Derby Star"                               RR-054-12

  30" h x 19" w x 13" d                            $975

 "Robo-Pot"                                  RR-120-16

 29" h x 14" w x 10" d                           $1,300

"Real Red Head"               RR-233-19


"The Therminator"               RR-219-19


 "Good Times"                              RR-103-16

 14" h x 6" w x 6" d                                  $875

 "The Juicerator"                              RR-148-17 

 28" h x 11" w x 11" d                                 $1,450

 "My Friends Call Me Wrench"  RR-045-12

 22" h x 17" w x 9" d                             $1,100

"Our First Speaker"       RR-230-19

 17" h x 10" w x 3" d                   $875

"Anybody Home?"        RR-258-20

 17" h x 10" w x 3" d                  $1275

""Area 51 Patrol"                                           RR-211-19


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